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L-Clip-Tape-Dispensers Consisting of Definite Length Tape Dispensers in both manual and electric styles, L-Clip Box Sealers, Double Sided Tape and Double Sided Tape Dispensers, Filament and Strapping Tape Dispensers, Label Protection Tape and Shipping Room Dispensers, and Desk Dispensers and Organizers Cable Ties Direct has the dispenser to meet your specific application.




Tape Dispenser -6425

Tape Dispenser -6425

The Tach-It model #6425 L-clip box sealer securely applies various lengths and widths of most types of packaging tapes, including filament tapes, up to 2 inch wide to the corner of a box. Perfect for sealing all types of corrugated boxes and cartons, the Tach-It model #6425 is simple to use. The operator places the box to be sealed onto the platform of the machine and pushes the box forward against the upper pressure pad. This actuates the machine and the desired length of tape is securely placed onto the side and bottom corner of the box. Using only 110 volt ac and most industry standard tapes including filament tapes from? inch wide up to 2 inch wide, the Tach-It model #6425 can seal up to 40 packages per minute increasing operator productivity over hand taping, is easily adjusted for tape length and width, requires no training or tools for tape changes and has a small table top design which allows it to be used anywhere is it needed.  

Machine length: - 20in. (508mm)
Max. tape length: - 3.75in. (96mm)

Machine width: - 9in. (230mm)
min. tape length: - 2in. (50mm)

Machine height: - 10in. (254mm)
Max. tape width: - 2in. (50mm)

power: 110 VAC
min. tape width: - 1/2in. (13mm)





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